Time, it's never enough. We have to constantly decide how to use it, in an eternal game to balance every aspect of our life.

Last year I decided to spend time on my work: I've improved my English, I've learned new programming languages and new methodologies, dedicating to it both my working time and private time. It was hard but worth it!

This year I'll try to spend time on other aspects while trying to continue to improve on work perspective: I'll dedicate my time to my girlfriend, my family, and my friends, trying to learn Dutch.

Last but not least, my blog.

  • I've decided to change the UI a little, using a picture of Erez Attias: it reflects my current country work and it fits with the template, it's perfect!
  • I'll try to schedule 3 articles each month on the interesting topic I find at work. Coming from one post in the last few months it seems really hard, but I will try.

Happy blogging,

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