The First 90 days: Introduction

Changing a job or role implies a transition that scares most of the people: you feel the need to become productive quickly and to demonstrate your value, but it can lead to confusion and loss of focus. This book is the go-to resource to navigate through your first 90 days.


I recently switched to a different role and I immediately started to think about the problem I could face: a new team, new responsibilities, a new overview of the organization. Someone suggested me to read this book: The First 90 Days, written by Michael D. Watkins.
Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

The first part of the book is an introduction to the book itself: it explains what does it mean to start a new role and what are the basic steps to plan it properly. I found interesting how - once again - the basic answer for a challenge can be summarized with divide et impera:

  • find the long term goal
  • divide it into smaller effective steps
  • work on them

The basic idea is that starting with small steps and focussing on them will help to create early victories, which can be used to build trust in your team and help you reach the biggest wins.


I like the structure of the book and the suggestion given so far, I think having a short term focus can help to fight the needs for a quick appreciation, that usually leads to loss of focus.

Enjoy your first 90 days,

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