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Starting a 30-day running challenge

Recently I’ve decided to change work and country and start a new life abroad.
Since I don’t have much to do at work right now (I can’t start new things while leaving), I’ve started to think about my new life: how can I improve it?

A quick look to the future

At the end of the week, I’ll move to Eindhoven to start a new adventure with a Dutch company: I’ll leave my current work, my family, my friends, my house. It’s a big change, but I know that once old I’ll be proud of myself.

iOS Developer: how to be prepared for an interview

Sometimes my company needs to hire new iOS Developer and, in the last year, I was responsible for the interviews. I’ve found a lot of articles regarding how to do the perfect interview and (increase possibilities to) be hired, but no one on how the interviewer should prepare himself.
What do you need to survive?

Brace yourself: Swift is coming

Swift was introduced at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2014 as a replacement for Objective-C. It is the future and every Apple developer is waiting the right moment to start to use it: is this the right moment?