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Synx, keep Xcode folder structure organized

Xcode is a tool that doesn't force developers to have any particular folder structure: everything can be managed using groups, virtual folders that live in your .xcodeproj file.
This gives you a lot of freedom but during the long period it can create some problems: how to refactor the folder structure quickly?

Swift 3 Access Control

On August 15th, 2016 Apple has releases Xcode Beta 6. With the new Swift 3 version around the corner it's time to start studying the changes to the language: Access Control is one of the major changes, especially if you use different modules in your project.

A long trip, six months later

At the end of February I decided to move to the Netherlands: I was really excited about it and I really thought it was an amazing opportunity to improve on both personal and professional side.
Six months have passed and I'm still here.

Living in The Netherlands: the grocery

3 months ago I decided to move to Eindhoven: it was a big change, but I'm still very happy about my choice, even if I had some problem with my new life.
Changing country means to learn from scratch how to live and it was really funny! 🙂