macOS Catalina: software from unidentified developers

Today I decided to install the latest macOS Catalina because I wanted to start playing with the new SwiftUI framework. Everything seems working correctly, except third-party software.

Once the installation was finished I tried to load and use every software I've installed. With my surprise, everything works pretty well except for ExpressVPN (keep saying "Cannot detect internet connection" even if I'm here writing a blog post) and Dart / Flutter extensions in Visual Studio Code.

For the first one I'm still trying to figure out a solution, for the second one I found a workaround.

Important: the security of your mac maybe be compromised, so use it if you know what you are doing!

  • Open Terminal
  • Enter the code sudo spctl --master-disable
  • Open System Preferences / Security & Privacy / General
  • You should be able to see a third option (like the picture below) allowing you mac to open software from every developer

Security & Privacy

Happy Catalina,

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