Living in The Netherlands: the grocery

3 months ago I decided to move to Eindhoven: it was a big change, but I'm still very happy about my choice, even if I had some problem with my new life.
Changing country means to learn from scratch how to live and it was really funny! 🙂

The first days were so difficult: when I started to think about my new life, the only things I thought about were related to the work and my new house, but I totally forgot to think about daily life.

That's where my adventure started.

The grocery store

Different countries sell different things, so during the first day, I had to learn what things do they sell here and how to buy the proper things to find a good balance between my old and new life.

The first thing I found very different was the way things are prepared in a supermarket: in Italy every section has things already prepared, ready to be taken, but we also have someone who can help us searching for something fresh.
In the Netherlands they don't: everything is already prepared, so the first time it took a lot to find what I want, while now the entire process is really quick.

I had to find everything by myself and another problem came up: food names.
Since we are in the Netherlands everything is written in dutch, even if everyone speaks English very well (I love it ❤️).
The first time I spent like an hour at the grocery store, trying to translate food names in English and I still had some problems: I made a cucumber omelet (!?) and I bought some orange juice instead of milk (really guys, if you see a white box with some white liquid printed on it you will think it is milk).

At the end it was time to pay: in Italy, everyone uses cash, here everyone uses a debit card.
I really like it! The entire payment's process takes less time than putting your stuff in your bag and it is a good way to manage properly your money.

After 3 months I'm still alive: it was difficult but thanks to the technology you will be able to find the information you need (and now I'm a Google Translate master).

I'll add useful information about Dutch life in the future, hope you'll enjoy them.

Happy grocery,

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