Goals for 2019

For the last 5 6 years I've tried to write down a list of goals for the coming year: sometimes I achieved a lot, sometimes I failed. Last year I was not able to achieve a lot from my previous list.

After big changes, was finally time to settle up few things: finding a nice job and look forward for my future career, learn how to live together with my girlfriend (spoiler: it's pretty easy 🙂 ).

I felt refreshed and I finally have the time to start spending time on personal development (reading more articles, reading books, be aware of the evolution in technology).

I decided to have a smaller list as part of the last year resolution are now part of me. I hope you can find some idea for your own list 😊.


🌎 Travel frequently, even just for a day in a different city
💰 Invest the money properly
👔 Get good quality clothes


🍗 Less meat
🍫 Reduce sugar consumption
💪🏻 Training at least 2 times a week


📑 Read a book every month about self development
💼 Take the Scrum Master certification
☀️ Go to work early / leave early

If you are curious, have a look at my goal list for 2018, 2017 and 2016.

Happy year,