Goals for 2017

For the last 4 years, I've tried to write down a list of goals for the coming year. It is interesting to see what I wanted to do and what I achieved, but even more interesting is to see where the life takes you every time you have a plan.

My life has changed a lot so I didn't reach all my goals, but I feel like a different person and it means I did a lot.
Leaving alone changes you, living abroad changes you even more: I changed my life and I had to find my spot in it, finding new friends, learn what to buy at the grocery, learn how people live here. It wasn't easy, but I'm really happy about my results.

Next year I want to improve my life experience, so here is my year goals’ list.


  • Take some salsa lessons or Argentine tango lessons... I love dancing 😛
  • Read 6 books or more, half of them in English
  • Continue to travel frequently
  • Signup to group lessons, still don't know the topic
  • Finding new friends
  • Learn how to cook delicious dishes


  • Training 3 times a weeks
  • Going to run in the weekend
  • Improve my personal diet


  • Studying a new programming language, it is interesting to find out how other language works and it is always a good starting point for new ideas
  • Write down some good articles in Swift
  • Follow the Swift evolution group

If you are curious, here is my goal list for 2016. A new year is coming, enjoy it guys!

Happy new year,

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