Error ITMS-90475: how to disable multitasking on Xcode 7

Recently, after upgrading an app to use Xcode 7, I received the error ITMS-90475 during the submission process, related to the multitasking support: how to fix it?

Multitasking and Split View

The complete error message is:

ERROR ITMS-90475: "Invalid Bundle. iPad Multitasking support requires launch storyboard in bundle com.companyname.appname".

The error is related to the new Split View feature of iOS 9: two applications can now be used at the same time, so we need to specify if our application supports multitasking or not.

Xcode 7 inserts, by default, a new configuration in our project telling that our app supports multitasking, but it is not always true especially if it is an old project. In order to support multitasking an application should have:

  • Auto layout support
  • A Storyboard launch screen
  • A proper configuration in the project settings

As you can see there is a lot of work to achieve this, that's not a quick fix.
The solution is to disable the multitasking support for the moment and think about our application's architecture in the near future.

Disable multitasking support

The solution is quite easy: we need to modify the standard configuration that Xcode 7 added automatically to our project.

We can do that in 2 different ways, you can choose which one you prefer.

Solution 1

  • Open your project
  • Go to the "General" tab
  • Select "Requires Full Screen" as shown below:


Solution 2

  • Open your project
  • Open your "info.plist" file
  • Add this configuration:

Your application won't support Split View, but at least you can submit it to the Apple Store.

Happy error,

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