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Continuous Integration with Travis CI

During the refactoring work on the project I'm working for at Jumbo, went through many different changes and the first one was implementing a new networking layer. We decided to create an external library and make it open source: it was the perfect moment to try a new CI system. Long live Travis CI!

macOS Catalina: software from unidentified developers

Today I decided to install the latest macOS Catalina because I wanted to start playing with the new SwiftUI framework. Everything seems working correctly, except third-party software.

Writing a Network Layer in Swift: the library creation

At my current job, we needed to improve our code base and we started from the network layer. We wanted to create an open source library but a question was raised: how is the structure of an open source library?


Time, it's never enough. We have to constantly decide how to use it, in an eternal game to balance every aspect of our life.